Real-time IMPTAM

IMPTAM is run continuously with input parameters obtained from solar wind, IMF data and geomagnetic indices.  

IMPTAM comparison

IMPTAM comparison

IMPTAM comparison

IMPTAM comparison

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IMPTAM realtime spectrograms

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More realtime plots in realtime plots directory.

Data Sources:

The IMPTAM project is grateful for various providers
for their publicly available space weather indexes as well as ground-based and satellite data.

The website of World Data Center for Geomagnetism, Kyoto University, Japan for Dst Index:

Real-time Kyoto University Dst Index as a combined text file:
Current and last month's hourly values.

We also use Kyoto realtime AE index,
but are not currently allowed to post those.

Dcx Corrected Dst Index from Oulu University:

Ace and Goes13 data as well as the Kp index from NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center's text server:

Goes13 satellite position data from NASA Goddard's Space Physics Data Facility's wsdl server: